These are the terms and conditions for Taxi Weybridge Service:

  1. Booking Information:

    • Clients are advised to book at least 6 hours in advance when using the online booking service. Bookings are accepted over the phone at any time.
    • An auto-response is sent immediately after an online booking, but it is not a confirmation. Bookings are only considered accepted once confirmed by staff via email or phone.
  2. Changes and Cancellations:

    • Bookings can be changed or canceled via phone or email. Drivers are not responsible for cancellations.
    • Cancellations not informed up to 2 hours before the pick-up time may incur 100% of the booked cab price.
    • Cancellations informed between 2 and 6 hours prior to the pick-up time will incur 25% of the booked minicab price.
    • Cancellations informed more than 6 hours prior to the pick-up time will involve a 5% cancellation charge.
  3. Missed Flights:

    • Passengers are responsible for informing Taxi Weybridge Service if they miss their flight to prevent the driver from entering the airport.
    • Refunds are available for pre-paid transfers if the notification is received; otherwise, the guest will be responsible for the full price of the journey.
  4. Waiting Charges:

    • Waiting charges apply if the driver is made to wait for passengers.
  5. Airport Pick-Up Transfers:

    • Quotations include a surcharge of £6.00 for parking costs and variations in flight arrival time.
    • Passengers unable to locate the driver should call immediately to allocate a pick-up point.
    • Passengers must not leave the airport without informing Taxi Weybridge Service or the driver.
  6. Pick-Up Time and Location:

    • Passengers must be ready to depart at the agreed pick-up time.
    • Clients must clearly state the position of their pick-ups.
  7. Route and Additional Stops:

    • Drivers will take the most suitable route, and additional stops must be communicated to Taxi Weybridge Service.
  8. Waiting Time:

    • Waiting time is allowed for pick-ups and airport pick-ups with applicable charges after the free waiting period.
  9. Delays and Responsibility:

    • The company is not responsible for transfers delayed due to weather, traffic, or other conditions.
    • Drivers are not responsible for any loss or damage to clients’ property.
  10. Payment:

    • Credit card payments are accepted online and in cars with no extra charge.
    • Cash payments are accepted and made directly to the driver.
  11. Excess Luggage:

    • Drivers may refuse passengers with excess luggage affecting safety during the journey.
  12. Additional Equipment:

    • Passengers should inform the company of additional equipment for suitable vehicle arrangements.
  13. Non-Smoking Policy:

    • A non-smoking policy is adopted in vehicles.
  14. Child Seats:

    • Babies are counted as passengers, and the company provides infant, upright, and booster seats. Clients must specify their requirements in the booking request.

These terms and conditions aim to ensure a smooth and safe transportation experience for clients using Taxi Weybridge Service.